Dawn Roscoe - Exquisite Suburbia

Dawn Roscoe – Exquisite Suburbia

“In this series, my work is focused on how mothers living in a demanding world full of family obligations, career goals and beauty ideals are responding to the standard definition of the ‘perfect woman’. In today’s chaotic homes, multi-tasking mom’s are desperately trying to juggle a multitude of chores and errands while encouraging their children and fostering a happy marriage. Yet through the stressful workweek, mothers are required to maintain a perfect household full of manicured gardens, renovated estates and disciplined children. With so much pressure to succeed, mothers are pushed to live an exquisite life even though much time and energy is needed to achieve a well-balanced home environment. Along with preserving the perfect family, modern women and mothers are also required to remain ageless, young and forever beautiful. With the bombardment of advertising images, Hollywood celebrity magazines and reality shows, people continue to idealize mass media role models and images. Through this series, my goal is to offer a narrative which questions the intentions of suburbia, perfection and living the American Dream.”

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