Honey Lazar – Heroes

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“Among the dictionary definitions of ‘hero’ is: ‘A man who exhibits extraordinary bravery, firmness, or greatness of soul, in connection with any pursuit, work or enterprise; a man admired and venerated for his achievements and noble qualities.’
In this part of the series are those whose soulful work gives the lives of the disabled, elderly, infirm, or mentally challenged dignity, pride, and grace. They improve the quality of life and infuse those of us who watch them at work with the notion that we can go deep inside of ourselves in order to reach higher. ”

Kimberly with her daughter, Dyamond, is rehabilitation assistant: “I am learning a lot about myself from helping others.
I think it makes me a better person, a better Mother.”

Latrisha is the director of the residence I visited: “I love to feel that I’ve made a difference. Every day that I see the client do something that they couldn’t do last year, I feel so proud of them… and myself… I had a hand in it.”

Janice with grandchildren: “I just wanted to help people, and I found my calling here.”

A new series, heroes, currently includes caregivers and animal rescuers and was inspired from an invitation to exhibit at Ashland University in a show specifying a response to what a hero is. This is a work in progress.

Janet, animal rescuer, has volunteered at the shelter for 4 years, and one of her jobs is cat room cleaner:
“Every day, I am greeted by animals who are happy to see me. They are happy for what I do! What could be better than that?”

Susan has been a volunteer for 12 years: “I’ll be here all my life. Walking out doesn’t get easier.
My life is about underdog animals.”

Barney: “I love helping animals find their way to new homes.”

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