Marco van Duyvendijk – Oana and his Sketch-Book

“In 1999 my girlfriend and I lived in Romania for a year. We had just graduated and, following my studies in psychology, I really wanted to devote an entire year to photography. That year we met a thirteen-year-old Romany-like girl who led a semi-vagrant life. When I first caught sight of her at a dilapidated fairground, a small tremor ran through me. I hesitated as to whether I wished to meet her. I had strong doubts about wanting to see what her life was like. It was not until a week later, when we came across her again, that I asked her if I might photograph her.”

VanDuyvendijk1 VanDuyvendijk2 VanDuyvendijk3 VanDuyvendijk4 VanDuyvendijk5 VanDuyvendijk6

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