Peter Tonningsen - My Mom's House

Peter Tonningsen – My Mom’s House

“This body of work continues my interest in history, identity and self-examination as I trespass into personal territory, photographing my Mom’s House (its interior and her belongings) while she is away. This is the same house I grew up in and although it has been thirty years since I have lived there, I am struck by how intensely familiar it is, how little has changed, and especially how indicative my mother’s habits are of my own. The process of searching out and making these photographs is exhilarating to me, even a bit frightening, as it often feels like I am snooping into my own soul: getting to know both my mother and myself a little better, yet not always certain that I want to see what it reveals.”

Tonningsen1 Tonningsen2 Tonningsen3 Tonningsen4 Tonningsen5 Tonningsen6

All photographs in this series were made with a Hasselblad camera on Kodak Portra film, scanned and then printed digitally with as archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle 308 rag paper.

via Lens Culture