Michael Frahm – Jugend

“Youth is an ideal that we all obey and have always longed for. Whilst the symbolism of a fountain of youth is a well known image, it is hardly a realistic one. Nevertheless, the island of Bimini was searched for in the 16th century as the harbourer of neverending youth. A lifetime was spent to gain the same in return. This may appear to be a paradox, but is ultimately human. We strive for the most, and loose sight of what is truly important. Emotional landscapes of dooming detail overtake the realistic self of factual youth and give a feeling of always arriving too late.

The additional video-piece gives proof of the most innocent time in everyones life. A romantic image of the protagonists childhood is influenced by the same motivation. The awareness of an objective viewer triggers a change in behaviour to react like something or someone the child is not, be it to impress or reflect.”

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