Brad Carlile – Tempus Incognitus

“Tempus Incognitus shows the day’s liminal times concurrently existing. These images show rented rooms and rooms under construction that simultaneously contain moments from the past and present. Cubist’s paintings show a single landscape from different perspectives at the same time. In Tempus Incognitus, I show a single interior from same perspective at different times.

The intense colors created by this time-intensive non-digital technique and the lone and cropped perspectives create an emotional tension. The interiors are locked in space with no clear sense of time. Time and space fade in and out and planes bleed into one another. They are borderline hallucinatory environments.

In normal still photographs any change is softened, rendered as a blur, and detail is lost. I use a technique that captures that detail and boldly emphasizes change in vivid colors. To maintain the essential ties to reality all work is done in-camera and on-film with no digital creation or digital manipulation.

I shoot with a medium-format camera and print on a large scale to enhance the impact of the colors. In addition, the intriguing details of the interactions between colors draw one into an intimate distance to explore. To me, it is important that the images in this series impact the viewer both from across the room as well as under very close inspection. There is a lot of intriguing mystery to the nuances.”

via Andreea Cioran