Seven Selves

sevenselves“[SP] seven selves is a collective of seven artists that dare to challenge the conventional language of self-portrait photography. Their images uncover an engaging diversity of styles, where each artist explores unique possibilities of creativity and emotion. With their work they speak stories, they provoke new realities, they question mainstream thinking, and they share intimate feelings. This is their effort to disengage from the confinement of the self and become part of the story, to blend with the language of the message. This is their chance to break through the comfortable isolation of self-identity. This is an exploration of their own conscientiousness to reach and connect. This is their journey to pursue an intimate dialogue with the viewer.”

Feltus Brothers

SevenSelves2Aaron Hobson

SevenSelves3Cornelia Hediger (previously on oitzarisme)

SevenSelves4Russell Joslin

SevenSelves5Kate Pollard

SevenSelves6Susanne Junker