Özant Kamac? – Landing and Pause

www.ozant.com and the congratulations for the AOP Student Photographer of the Year 2009

“‘Landing’ is an exploration of the human connection to landscape and machines. The series depicts a visual interruption of the pastoral landscape. Man observes the machine in admiration and awe.
The medium of photography captures the interruption on two levels: the interruption of the descending plane across the untouched pastoral landscape and the interruption of man’s admiration of the machine as more akin to the admiration of nature or creation versus a manufactured object.

Kamaci1 Kamaci2 Kamaci3

“In ‘pause’, the work depicts the juxtaposition of powerful machines which are symbols of advancement and technology against nature which is widely accepted as precious and untouched. The medium of photography provides a visual dichotomy of reality and illusion through the aesthetics of plane and tree and their spatial relationship. Planes behind trees as individual objects are familiar and common, but when combined and interrelated, the viewer moves to a new space to behold the unexpected.”

Kamaci4 Kamaci5 Kamaci6

thanks to Andreea