Julia Baum – A Rare Breed


“A redhead myself, I use the photographic portrait to investigate elements of what makes the red-haired person so unique. My project was initiated by a widely printed rumor that redheads are going extinct. While the rumor proved to be false, I began documenting my red-haired subjects to preserve their legacy.
As only 1% of the entire human population, our distinctive coloring is a defining feature from day one. We are used to being one in a crowd and regularly noted for our appearance. Experiencing life in this way from infancy through adulthood influences who we are. As a natural redhead, I know our hair color affects more than just how we look.
Throughout the series, while the red hair gene is constant, each coloration and personality within the series exemplifies a unique manifestation. In A Rare Breed, I take advantage of the radiant light of my daylight studio to examine the outward appearance and inner character my subjects present. Depicting individuals in front of a simple white background, I allow the viewer to examine the nuance of each shade of red in an intimate series of photographs.”

Baum1 Baum2 Baum3 Baum4 Baum5 Baum6

via www.featureshoot.com where you can enjoy an interview with the artist.