Greg Williams – Thalidomide

Other notable children affected with Talidomide:

  • Mat Fraser, a comedian, actor, co-presenter of the BBC’s Ouch Podcast who also written and composed the Thalidomide! A Musical.
  • Tony Meléndez is a guitarist who was born without arms. He plays only with his feet.
  • Terry Wiles internationally known through On Giants’ Shoulders, a book and film about his life.
  • Thomas Quasthoff is an internationally acclaimed bass-baritone who describes himself: “1.34 meters tall, short arms, seven fingers – four right, three left – no large, relatively well formed head, brown eyes, distinctive lips; profession: singer.”
  • Gary Skyner, a comedian and motivational speaker.
  • Giancarlo Cosio, Italian Waterski World disabled Champion.
  • David Lega, Swedish swimmer. Paralympian and current holder of 5 world records. Here is his blog.

from wikipedia.