Swiss Design in Hollywood

05 March – 18 April 2009


Artists: R. Giger (photo source), John Howe, Christian L. Scheurer, Deak Ferrand, Natasha Devaud, Nicolas Imhof, Brigitte Wuest, Silvio Aebischer, Simon Christen, Nadja Bonacina, Simon Otto si Alex Ongaro

Swiss Design in Hollywood retraces the work and impact of Swiss artists in the areas of design and digital imagery in international film production as well as in video games.

Contrary to popular belief, a number of Swiss artists have worked successfully over the years in the conception of films or games, creating characters, fantastic creatures and scenery. Today, many of these artists are working on some of the most publicly-recognised projects (including animated films) and are leaving an enduring mark on popular culture, although their contribution is largely unknown.

Swiss Design in Hollywood gives an historical perspective on little known or underrated artistic techniques and practices. The exhibition also aims to emphasise the personal influence of particular Swiss designers and illustrators – whether they work independently or for the big special effects studios – on the aesthetics of film and video game production, without overlooking their personal creations.

More than just a gallery of images, Swiss Design in Hollywood also attempts to give an historic overview of little known or underrated artistic techniques and practices which originated mainly from applied art. It also provides a critical overview of artists who were often omitted from official Art History, even though the academic know-how is at the heart of their work.

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