Simon Hoegsberg – Faces of New York

“Once in a while I see a person on the street who immediately attracts my attention. I’m fascinated by the appearance of the person and feel a strong urge to walk over and say hi.
I spent one month, seven hours a day, walking the streets of New York in search for people who had this effect on me. I found ten, and asked each of them the same question: What do you think about your face?”


“I think that God has given me a beautiful face. I’m very grateful for my face. I think that a lot of things in my life has to do with my faith in God. With my faith in God I express beauty, it’s coming from within me, from the Holy Spirit. When I think of the Holy Spirit I feel like I’m projecting beauty. So therefore I have a beautiful face, praise the Lord…”


“…People say I look like Richard Gere, and I think that’s fine, I think that’s enjoyable. I like Richard Gere… and I’ve seen him, and he still looks a little bit like me.
I’m a still-model. I can be still for long periods of time. You have to learn to do that. I have trained. I use meditation and self-hypnosis to be still. And I think it’s also a natural part of me…”


“…In my own face – particularly with my hair pulled back – I see the Van Eyck or Holbein portraits. When I go to Metropolitan Museum of Art a lot of times I feel I see myself there. Because I don’t see my look as so much contemporary as European from other times… ”


“…I am told that I’m beautiful. I accept that. But beauty isn’t beholden to anything that is moralistic in human life, so when I hear someone say something is beautiful or your face is beautiful, most times I don’t say anything because… there is nothing to say…”


“…My features are all very big and not sharp. It’s something I’m very aware of. It bothers me that every time I’m photographed I feel that certain features are more prominent than others, like my nose, my eyes, or my lips – that they are bigger. I wish I had smaller features. I wish that my face were more symmetrical. But I guess it’s kind of unique. I don’t think I’ve seen too many other people who look like me. Even in New York… ”


“…I like long hair, and I relate – not to something out of this time, but – to the world as it was maybe some hundred years ago. It’s the energy of the long hair I like. To me it represents a sense of freedom and a sense of independence. My name is Biond Fury, F-U-R-Y B-I-O-N-D, which kind of speaks for itself….”

You really have to see We’re All Gonna Die and The Thought projects, also. Amazing works!