Fabio Roberto

fabriniart.carbonmade.com and on myspace.

“Fabrini, whose real name is Fabio Roberto, was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, in December 1964. He has worked as a Magician in the largest cabarets of the world, such as Crazy Horse/Paris, Wintergarten/Berlin, Casino of Monte Carlo and MGM/Las Vegas. Recently he began a career as a Painter Illustrator, having already edited a cartoon book in Paris, ‘Magicartoon’/edioes George Proust. Fabrini shows the universe in which he lives through his painting. Images and characters from the stages, cabarets and dressing rooms of the whole world are his inspiration. Each one of his characters has their own history. His dreams, nightmares, and other fascinations take form. His Imagination twists, and reshapes images from Cabarets, and fantasies.”

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