Steve Simon - The Grandmother Spirit

Steve Simon – The Grandmother Spirit

“With the scourge of HIV/AIDS threatening the very future of a continent, many Grandmothers in Africa have buried their own adult children and are raising Grandchildren ; even Great-Grandchildren. The Grandmother Spirit project will illuminate the determination, strength, resiliency and…

Fabio Roberto

Fabio Roberto and on myspace. “Fabrini, whose real name is Fabio Roberto, was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, in December 1964. He has worked as a Magician in the largest cabarets of the world, such as Crazy Horse/Paris, Wintergarten/Berlin, Casino of…

Megan Baker – Little Boxes

Megan Baker is a 17-year-old photographer. She began taking photos at age 4 when she got a hold of the family polaroid and began documenting the fascinating lives of her beanie babies. She spent the next few years doing photography…

Drew Gardner - Collectors

Drew Gardner – Collectors and his very good kinda “making of” blog.

a clean river.

Liviu Burlea

on photodom and on thanks to transp.