No compromises

All you need is a little sand in your hands to feel the words that the trace of freedom leaves behind you. Searching for the red light is an honour for your Highness. Bring a little noise to your party and leave your shadows in water. Leave your memories in the moonlight and bring your “smiley faces” to the light of the flute. Get your heart drums on a t-shirt and you should know that your sneakers want to be away from you.

Don’t bleed please, make yourself comfortable, eat a spoon and take your sandwich face off. Get a windy soup, bring a noisy friend with you and take a break from your Highness situation. On my face you should eat with a careful desire… I’m hungry too.

Give me an angerdrop to play with and i’ll give you my heart into pieces, a puzzle to make you know me better. From time to time I lie just to see you wondering if my soul is blue or green. I like green. Have I told you that ? And i’d like to show you my green brain… the side of the flute-noise. Here.. eat it! To feel the trace! To get sick of dreaming away from this statue of concrete that is… you.

Can i have a coffee, dear? or should i disappear? can i have it warm? can i have it feel-empty? How long does it take for you to get me a coffee with a drop of blood in it? How much anger do you need to squeeze your little finger for a drop? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE to have your blood and put it inside of me? inside of my intellect? with your blood i can make a tree go wild and grow in four directions… but I guess you already knew that.

A little room for you to get the confidence of a bright friend that’s, of course, you. It’s taking too long… but a minute is a second for your traced mind. A better way for you to be it’s an antipleasure for your inner demons… but i suppose you know that it doesn’t take that long… the sand will disappear, the fog will eat your eyes and shut your heart down.

It’s simple. You promise me care and i’ll take your tears back home, it’s all in yourself. Cry a little and let me show you how world works. Smile a little and YOU show me how the world goes up. Although, it’s all in myself i think… so close your eyes with your opened soul, count to five magic words called love and fly through me. Don’t turn out in stones until i’ll whisper in your ear those words.

Get your life home… let me praise it and cover it in sweetness. Breathe out my name in a love language. Call my heart to see how happy it can be. Put your smile on, keep your hands high and watch my steps. I’m climbing life like you never wanted. You should never wish youngness forever. Forget the friend who lied to you about how things work on attitude.